Where you can find more information about DiSSi


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Miha Slapničar, Darja Rizmal in Brina Manfreda GolobPublication of the research work in teachers’ journal: Kemija v šoli in družbi /Chemistry in school and society (5 pages;  https://kemija.net/stevilke/227) 

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Project experimental work

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Miha Slapničar, Tia Kralj and Matej Vošnjak: Study of the antioxidant capacity of piperine and other piperidine alkaloids in radical reactions in bovine liver cells (76 pages, http://kemikum.si/files/2020/12/Projektna-naloga_Tia-Kralj_kon%C4%8Dna-verzija.pdf) 

Pre-service teaches products (developd modules and tasks for gifted students) were available online: https://dissislovenia.splet.arnes.si/